Thursday, May 31, 2007

terminal beach will be away until september...



Tuesday, May 29, 2007

29 maggio 2007 - RADIO BLACKOUT - ore 12:00


"il ginocchio di artemide"
(dal dialogo LA BELVA di cesare pavese - messa in scena di jean-marie straub)

Ciascuno ha il sonno che gli tocca, Endimione. E il tuo sonno è infinito di voci e di grida, e di terra, di cielo, di giorni. Dormilo con coraggio, non avete altro bene. La solitudine selvaggia è tua. Amala come lei l'ama. E adesso, Endimione, io ti lascio.

Addio. Ma non dovrai svegliarti più, ricorda.


Terminal Beach



Gregory Whitehead - If A Voice Like, Then What? - The Pleasure of Ruins
Contagious Orgasm - Silent Scale -
Flows Out
BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa - Supbröder/Djkkiufélagar -
Drykkjuvísur Óljódanna
Sleeparchive - Dusty Galaxies -
Infrared Glow EP
Conrad Schnitzler - #8 -
Trigger 3
KK Null - #3 -
Kosmik Engine
Pan Sonic - Hinaaja -
Jason Lescalleet - General Electric -
Glenn Weyant - Clear Light - SonicAnta
John Hudak & Stephan Mathieu - #4 -
Pieces of Winter
Daniel Menche - (Untitled) 11 -
Eye On The Steel
Pjusk - Rom -
Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Kokoro -
Robert Henke - Layer 9 - Layering Buddha

Ben Frost - Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water -
Theory of Machines
Machinefabriek - Donderwolk -
Jim Haynes - (Untitled) 1 -
Magnetic North
Eliane Radigue - Jetsun Mila 2 -
Jetsun Mila


Monday, May 21, 2007

teatro di buti - 25 maggio 2007


lunedì/monday 21 maggio/may h. 23:30
terminal beach

Mudsuckers - Endocrine Disrupters - Mudsuckers
Meredith Monk - Walking Song - Volcano Songs
Axolotl - Kingdom of Ends - Memory Theatre
3/4 Had Been Eliminated - Looprecorder in the Patient with Heart Disease - The Year of the Aural Gauge Operation
CoH - Love Mites - Iron
Prefuse 73 - With Dirt and Two Texts - Security Screenings
Laub - Schnee - Deinetwegen
Joseph Suchy - #2 - Entskidoo
DNA - Grapefruit - DNA On DNA
Goslings - White Kitten - Folklore of the Moon
Wold - The Field Hag - Screech Owl
Strangers Die Every Day - And the Blood Shall Spill... - They Have Already Defeated Us At What We Know Best
Tarantel - We're the Only Ghosts Here - We Move Through Weather
August Born - Last Breath of the Bird - August Born
Chris Corsano - What do we get from cricket that we don't get from other sports? - The Young Cricketer
Mouthus - Ghetto Stairs - The Long Salt
Kaffe Matthews - My Love Gave Me a Blue Plastic Watch - Cécile
Von Sudenfed - The Young, The Faceless and the Codes - Tromatic Reflexxions

BLACKOUT 105.250 fm
one station against the nation

Sunday, May 20, 2007

19-20 maggio/may 2007
(@ via bogino 9 torino)


A pretext to find the words, images and sounds to describe a fluctuating existential condition that requires continuous redefinition and to bring to light what of History and stories may remain, migrate and mutate.

: desiderio/migrazione?
: desire/migration?

programma/full program @
(cittadellarte - fondazione pistoletto)

Xpanding Orhizones

Presentation hypermedia project 0rhizone


0rhizone (zero(0)rhizone) is an ongoing hypermedia project which takes as its starting point the 30 books selected as seminal texts for social transformation for the Letterature di svolta/Living Library exhibition, initially held at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in 2004 and recently on show again at the Biella-based Art Foundation.

The name 0rhizone combines the conceptual/affective sprawl of Deleuzian rhizomatics with a quest for Tarkovsky’s elusive zone of memory and desire (passing on its way through Burroughs’ interzone of translation and hybridity). It implies a degree zero (0) of hypermedia “writing” and construction of subjectivity (alert but empty) navigating between the zeros and ones of binary digital logic, combing a deterritorialized, degraded signscape for traces of a lost or overlooked event-horizon. A “writing” through, with and against, rather than about, the effluvia of electronic media saturation.

He(u)retical Readings
The first stage of 0rhizone, 0rhizone #1, takes the form of a web-based hypertext, a he(u)retical development or dérive of the traditional philosophical essay but within a ‘smooth space’ where what is produced are sense and sensation (rather than meaning) and where critical interpretation gives way to the space of ‘not-knowing’ that lies or emerges in the interstices, silences and gaps between the planes of composition (text, music, images layered or juxtaposed).

0rhizone #1 errs around Mike Davis’s City of Quartz (one of the 30 “libri di svolta”) bringing into play our own experiences of ignoring, forgetting, pretending to have read and then finally reading the book, somewhat distractedly, intermittently, thinking about other things, other places along the way, frustrated and inspired in turn by a fundamental inability to think Los Angeles beyond the cliché of the Hollywood ‘sign’, and so resigning ourselves to a movie version of speculative reflection on some of Davis’s themes: lost utopias, film noir as a critique of corporate boosterism, the militarization of urban space, the city as war-zone, the politics of fear. Here the hypertext form serves more than anything else as a way to map a certain mood of reading and inhabiting Davis’s text and the city it attempts to anatomize.

A Living Library?
The 0rhizone project is not simply or not only a hypertext but aims to consider the practice of hypermedia in the broadest way possible, hopefully bringing into play the ‘readings’ of a wide range of international artists, writers, researchers, thinkers and diggers. Each of the 30 books will become the springboard or drawing board for an image, text, work, form of resistance, situation, event or non-event specific to a particular capture of its problematics and constituency of reception, for which the primary medium may be electronic, visual, aural, spatial, physical or a combination of these.

The “Living Library” from being an actualization will thus be reversed into the problematic field or constellation that constitutes it. What is a library and what is it for? What type of public domain does it inscribe in the social fabric (mechanisms of inclusion/exclusion, panopticon/invisibility, emancipation/ oppression)? What kind of readings, uses or performativities of texts does it foster or permit? As the project develops, the letterature di svolta website will continue to document, map and connect these diverse he(u)retical ‘readings’ that will ideally involve many different subjects (both individual and collective) and an array of institutional and non-institutional frameworks, as well as bringing into play numerous strategies and practices (from video and photography to text, hypertext, sound art, militant actions and relational art) in the hope of becoming an open platform for discussion, shared narrative, creative appropriation, molecular desire.

> 0rhizone under construction website

> letterature di svolta website

terminal beach - lunedì 14 maggio 0re 23:30

(dedicato ai cigni gialli)

(((((The Sarko Skanking)))))
D. Yellow Swans - Untitled - Live During War Crimes
Merzbow - Pt 1 - Merzbear
Haco - Sunday Virgins - Haco
David Lynch - # 6 - The Air Is On Fire
Carla Bozulich & Ches Smith - Elements Ascending
The Dead C - The AMM Of Punk Rock - Future Artists
Janek Schaefer - Rapid Xactiva - Pulled Under
Throbbing Gristle - Endless Not - Part 2: The Endless NOT
GHQ - Asphalt Rainbows - Crystal Healing
Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice - Paper Trail Blues - XIAO
Muntjac - Amazing Dogs - Imaginary Conservation Sounds
Boris - Space Behind Me - Mabuta No Ura


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

in vista del 16 maggio/towards may 16th

Funky coup de gueule pour la radio en +

"Si seulement il était possible pirater les ondes des radios nationales durant 3mn le 16mai et passer ce pamphlet à l'antenne. Ça ne réglerait rien certes, mais au moins, peut-être que ça redonnerait le sourire l'espace de quelques minutes à certains de nous, qui plus encore que d'autres sont bien partis pour en baver." (Estelle, Paris)

a cut-up funky-skanking piece

Friday, May 11, 2007

10 maggio: LA NOTTE
del terzo orecchio

Live remixing/processing of the entire soundtracks of Michelangelo Antonioni’s "Trilogia dell'incomunicabilità" (comprising L'avventura, La notte and L'eclisse) while stills from the three films, capturing empty in-between moments where sense and emotion are suspended, are randomly projected and redoubled on the ceiling...

As the layered and manipulated sound conjure up impossible spectral dialogues across the three films, multiplying the disembodied voice of Monica Vitti in a hysterical fugue and foregrounding Antonioni’s pioneering use of modern ambient sounds (electric fans, fridge motors, helicopter rotor blades) to underscore the physical and existential disquiet of his characters, the public are invited to recline on an aseptic bed of white sheets and pillows covering most of the exhibition space and watch the frozen shards of images above as they flicker in and out of view like parings of long-dead stars.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

giovedì 10 maggio 2007 ore 22:00 @ CSOA ASKATASUNA

(ghost-installation dalla trilogia di Antonioni)

Il suono integrale della "trilogia dell'incomunicabilità" di Antonioni (“L'avventura”, “La notte”, “L'eclisse”) viene rimixato live forgiando sovrapposizioni temporali, spettri di dialogo, stratificazioni acusmatiche, interstizi e intermezzi che rivelano il ronzio di un cosmo fuori-sincrono. Nel fra-ttempo schegge di immagini congelate fluttuano a una distanza inafferrabile, come stelle morte, emanando l'aura incerta della propria implosione. La moltiplicazione della voce di Monica Vitti, privata di un corpo già mancante, diviene filo rosso fantasmatico di una deriva "isterica", di una metamorfosi sospesa.

lunedì/Monday 7 maggio/may h.23:30



Von Südenfed - That Sound Wiped - Tromatic Reflexxions
Pjusk - Tander - Sart
Alice Coltrane - Galaxy Around Olod - World Galaxy
MV & EE With The Bummer Road - The Joyous Within - Mother Of Thousands
Bo Wiget & Luigi Archetti - Stucke 22 - Low Tide Digitals II
Björk - Hope - Volta
Pan Sonic - Lähetys - Katodivaihe
Jessica Ryan - Timeless - Interior Designs
John Wiese - Spectral Hand - Soft Punk
Oren Ambarchi & Keith Rowe - Flypaper II - Flypaper
Kuupuu - Hyylos - Unilintu
Lionel Marchetti - La Visite des Mortes - Red Dust
Iannis Xenakis/Otomo Yoshihide - Persepolis - Persepolis Remixes
Fe-mail - Modogin - Sykklub Fra Haelvete
The Creeping Nobodies - First Impulse - The Sound Of Joy
Hair Police - Full Of Guts - Obedience Cuts
Polwechsel - Core Cut - Archives Of The North
Panda Bear - Search For Delicious - Person Pitch
Zaimph - (Untitled) 1 - Emblem

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

torino, 1° maggio 2007

"Nessuna soddisfazione può associarsi al lavoro, che altrimenti perderebbe la sua precisa, modesta funzionalità nella totalità degli scopi, nessuna scintilla di riflessione può cadere nel tempo libero, perché potrebbe rimbalzare sul mondo del lavoro e metterlo in fiamme. Mentre, dal punto di vista della struttura, lavoro e svago diventano sempre più simili, si provvede a separarli sempre più rigidamente con invisibili linee di demarcazione. "

Theodor W. Adorno, Minima Moralia - Meditazioni della vita offesa