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Wednesday 27 June 2007

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Sounding the 0rhizone

SOUNDING THE 0RHIZONE could be described as an attempt to translate 0rhizone, a hypermedia project we are currently working on, into purely sonic terms. 0rhizone takes as its starting point a conceptual ‘library of social transformation,’ (initially restricted to titles published after the fall of the Berlin Wall) subject of a 2004 exhibition, LetteraturediSvolta (Turning-point Literatures) organized by the Fondazione Pistoletto, and moves from the original theme of ‘writing transformation’ to that of ‘transforming writing and reading’ in terms of digital media, of which sound is an important component.
For this project we wanted to focus on the hypertextual/textural possibilities inherent in sound itself. Hypertext tends to be a highly image-driven medium, and the potential of sound not merely to evoke or narrate but as a means for conveying complex ideas and encouraging active, creative listening (through sampling, processing, layering and juxtaposition) is often neglected.
In SOUNDING THE 0RHIZONE we have tried to construct a mobile itinerary using a combination of music, sound art, field recordings, excerpts from film soundtracks, text fragments and personal narrative to explore some of the issues key to letterature di svolta (struggle, libraries, walls, rhizomes, ideas of community, the society of control, ruins, the open…)


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