Thursday, April 19, 2007

venerdì 27 aprile 2007
::: dalle ore 22.00:::
@ CSOA ASKATASUNA (corso regina 47)

Videoinstallazione su 3 schermi della trilogia di Gus Van Sant (a cura di terminal beach ::: BENEFIT RADIO BLACKOUT)


Elephant, Gerry e Last Days, proiettati contemporaneamente su 3 pareti in LOOP, non sono solo guardati ma si guardano l'un l'altro alla ricerca di ciò che gli manca, moltiplicando le piste di perplessità e straniando i tempi dilatati caratteristici dei lavori più sperimentali di Van Sant. La trilogia diventa così luogo di transito, di passaggio, incontro triplicato o disatteso, contrappunto microtonale. Le 3 linee narrative si intersecano a caso mantenendo la distanza incolmabile di un'inquietudine politica estetica esistenziale.

Looped and projected simultaneously on three screens Van Sant's trilogy, Gerry, Elephant and Last Days are no longer simply films the viewer watches but subjects that begin to watch one another, each seeking a way out of the impasse of its internal limit, multiplying perplexities of image and gaze, repetitions of gesture and posture, adding further levels of suspension to an already dilated time-frame. Thus the trilogy becomes a transit zone, a space for chance encounters and mirrorings, a triple counterpoint of microtonal affects whose three narrative trajectories intersect yet nonetheless keep their distance, the intimate distance that marks the singularity of Van Sant's cinema, fissure of a political, aesthetic and existential disquiet that cannot easily be assuaged.

lunedì 23/Monday 23rd 11:30 pm


Akron/Family - The Rider (Dolphin Song) - Meek Warrior
Hangedup - Fuck This Place - Clatter For Control
Vibracathedral Orchestra - Stole Some Sentimental Jewellery - Tuning To The Rooster
Taylor Deupree & Eisi - Voice Or Vice (Rise) - Every Still Day
Colleen - Blues Sands - Les Ondes Silencieuses
William Basinski - Cobalt Pools - Shortwave Music
Angus Maclise - Tunnel Music # 1 - The Cloud Doctrine
Zaimph - Jewelled Hand - Mirage Of The Other
Nadja - Mutagen - Touched
Machinefabriek - Slaapdronken - Slaapzucht
Ben Frost - Stomp - Theory of Machines
Luc Ferrari - Episode 2: From Page to Grand Canyon - Far West News
Aso Ai - Agenda - Lavender Edition
Alan Lamb - Last Anzac - Night Passage
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - Alerting The Vast Echoes - Statues In Space
Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke - Deficiency - Tetrotodexin
Charalambides - Strangle The Wretched Heavens - Strangle The Wretched Heavens

Black Out

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